What is the Ocean Patient Engagement Platform?

Ocean by CognisantMD™ connects patients, healthcare providers, and researchers using secure patient forms, screening tools, and surveys that integrate with the EMR. From tablets in the waiting room to online patient registration, Ocean is dramatically improving healthcare quality, efficiency, and the patient experience.

Put Patient Tablets in Your Waiting Room

Let your patients check-in on a kiosk, complete forms, update their contact information and provide a detailed patient history from a secure tablet that automatically updates your EMR.

Email Patients Secure Forms to Complete from Home

Patient Messages gives you a secure way to let your patients register, provide a history, and update their health record from a smartphone or home computer before they arrive at the clinic.

Access 1000s of Clinical Forms & Screening Tools

The Ocean Library has over 2000 patient-facing forms and questionnaires, including hundreds of standardized and clinically validated questionnaires with scoring and decision support built in.

Add Intake Forms to Your Website

With Website Forms, you can offer everything from appointment requests and new patient intake to prescription renewals, all on your existing clinic website.

Conduct Clinical Research & Patient Surveys

With user-friendly tablets and EMR integration, Ocean Studies seamlessly integrates with clinic workflow, making it easy for both front-desk staff and patients to use.

Send, Track and Manage eReferrals

Find a specialist, send and receive secure patient referrals, track a referral’s status, update patients electronically, and manage central intake, all from the Ocean eReferral Network.

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I believe that Ocean is one of the few advances in technology that actually impacts patient interaction. In my opinion it makes the visit more efficient from both a quality of care standpoint and a time standpoint. I am confident that in the future, it will become a “standard of care” practice.

Dr. Robert Davis


Happy Valley Family Health Team

When we started using Ocean, we saw immediate improvements to our patient flow and productivity. Not only did we eliminate the need to type and then file or scan intake forms, we also didn’t have to deal with the frustration of trying to transcribe handwritten forms.

Laurie Williams

Office Manager

Brock Student Health Services

Using Ocean in my practice could have literally saved lives. Two patients, who in the past denied suicidal thoughts, were able to confess this symptom on an Ocean form. The EMR combined with a patient tablet clearly proves itself here to be a medical instrument of great value.

Dr. Ronald Ireland


Lincoln Medical Centre

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