Ocean Studies

Integrated with your EMR

No custom programming

Secure & PHIPA-Compliant

Ocean Studies is the first survey and research platform with strict data privacy standards designed for patients at the point of care. Now you can automate recruitment, consent, data collection and follow-up without risking patient privacy.

Surveys in the Waiting Room

Invite and obtain consent from patients in the waiting room based on specific inclusion criteria. Surveys can be manually added to the tablet by staff or displayed automatically based on rules.

Easy-to-Use Survey Creation Tool

With intelligent and conditional logic and a simple DIY user interface, Ocean Studies makes it easy to get a study up and running quickly with virtually no limits to survey design.

Online Follow-up Surveys

Minimize loss to follow-up by interviewing patients privately at home. Online questionnaires can be sent via email using a secure web-based link.

Total Patient Data Privacy

Ocean Studies was designed to meet the highest data privacy standards. With individual, site-specific encryption, adherence with PHIPA data requirements, and Canadian data storage, Ocean Studies is the first user-friendly survey platform to meet or exceed patient data privacy standards in Canada.

Optional Patient Record Updates

Clinicians have the option to track and record key patient data from study questionnaires for clinical use. With Ocean’s EMR integration, responses can be added to the patient record in real time, in addition to the study repository.

Anonymous Longitudinal Surveys

Ocean Studies can attach a secure and unique identifier to individual patient survey responses during the anonymisation process. This process (called pseudonymisation) allows you to easily link follow-up survey responses to individual patients, without having to store any information that could identify the patient.

Your product is incredible. The first step of our research went incredibly smoothly thanks to your product, team, and everything about CognisantMD! We are looking forward to using the results to do a much larger randomized control trial with Ocean Studies.

Dr. Justine Cohen, St. Michael’s Hospital, The Hospital for Sick Children

How it Works

Setting Up A Study

In the Ocean Portal, a simple DIY user interface allows you to create your study using 16 question types with intelligent and conditional logic.

Conducting A Study

Study participants can be presented with a survey on a tablet at the point of care, or sent a secure link to complete it at home. Data collected can be stored anonymously for study purposes with the option to select data points to be simultaneously added to the EMR patient record for clinical purposes.

Accessing Study Data

You can download data collected via Ocean Studies at any time using the secure Ocean Portal. Only authorized users at your site can access the data for export. Patient and survey data are always kept secure and private for your sole use.

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