Patient Messages

100’s of Customizable Forms

Integrates with your EMR

Secure & PHIPA-Compliant

Patient Messages allow you to securely send messages and attachments to patients, and invite them to complete forms and questionnaires online, without the risks of email. With Ocean’s EMR integration, patient records are seamlessly updated without any scanning, typing, or manual staff involvement.

Send Forms & Questionnaires

Allowing patients to complete forms and clinical questionnaires from home before – or in between – appointments can help make visits more efficient and improve patient care. Ocean automatically updates the patient record in the EMR, saving time for staff and improving data accuracy.

Include Messages & Attachments

With Ocean, you can now send secure messages to your patients, add attachments, and allow them to respond – all without risking the safety and privacy of PHI. You can even request an alert when your patient has read or responded to a message, and receive notifications if a message is not viewed within a timeframe.

Share Patient Group Messages

Patient Group Messages allow you to quickly and easily reach a group of patients by email with a secure link to a message, form, or attachment. Remind patients about overdue procedures and screening, or invite a group of patients to complete a satisfaction survey in just a few clicks.

I truly think that Patient Messages is one of the few advances in technology that actually impacts patient interaction. In my opinion it makes the visit more efficient from both a quality of care standpoint and a time standpoint. I am confident that in the future, it will become a “standard of care” practice.

Dr. Robert Davis, MD, Happy Valley Family Health Team

How it Works

Sending Online Forms

From the patient record in the EMR or the patient tab in the Ocean Portal, clinic staff select “Email Patient” to open a messaging window. There, they can select an email template, add Ocean forms for the patient to complete, and type a secure message. Ocean allows you to request a notification to confirm receipt by the patient.

Completing Online Forms

The patient receives an email asking them to click on a secure link to complete the forms and review any secure messages online. Patients can complete the forms using any online device including a smartphone, tablet or computer. They are informed that results may not be reviewed by the clinician until the appointment.

Reviewing Results

The Ocean Platform receives the patient’s responses, calculates any scores, generates a clinical note and uploads it to the EMR, and sends an alert to the physician letting them know the patient confirmed receipt and completed forms. The note and any patient responses to secure messages can be viewed in the patient record or Ocean Portal.

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