Online Booking

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Empower patients to conveniently book appointments at anytime and from any device

Free Up Administrative Staff

Reduce call volume during peak hours and time spent manually booking appointments

Create More Efficient Visits

Collect important patient details upfront using Ocean Forms to better prepare for the visit

90% of Canadians would be likely to book an appointment with their health care provider electronically if given the chance.

Canada Health Infoway

Hassle-Free Booking

Simplify the process for your patients with no registration, login or passwords required

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Automatic email notifications and appointment reminders
  • Cancel or re-book using a simple email link

Comprehensive Customization

Customize your online booking experience to meet your clinic’s specific needs

  • Change your content, logos and other images
  • Invite patients to complete clinic-specific forms
  • Define unlimited appointment types and durations

Advanced Booking Criteria

Leverage additional features for a more powerful, flexible solution with built-in rules

  • Restrict bookings by age, frequency and more
  • Accept bookings from registered patients, new and walk-in patients, or both
  • Optional review workflow to easily cancel inappropriate appointments

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