Website Forms

Integrated with your EMR

No custom programming

Secure & PHIPA-Compliant

Cambridge Memorial Hospital is using Website Forms to power a secure clinician eReferral portal for diagnostic imaging, right from the hospital website.

New Patient Intake

Receive new patient requests, self-referrals, and even clinician referrals right from your website, without risking patient data security. Whether you are adding new patients or just accepting wait-listed referrals, you can make the patient registration process easy for everyone involved. Collect all the information you need, including a patient history, with no paperwork, scanning or typing for your staff.

Appointment Requests & Cancellations

With Website Forms, your patients can request an appointment time – or cancel an appointment – right from your website, instead of waiting on hold or getting frustrated by busy signals. You can even add a “Reason for Visit” form to collect information about the patient’s concerns upfront. Your staff can follow up at their convenience, reducing pressure on reception staff and improving patient satisfaction.

Prescription Renewal Requests

Ocean’s website-based prescription renewal requests can allow patients to quickly and easily ask to renew a prescription and provide pharmacy details, all from a simple online form. Clinic staff can deal with requests at their convenience, helping to improve clinic workflow and reduce pressure on peak clinic periods.

Uninsured Service Requests

With Ocean, requests for school forms, travel cancellation forms, citizenship forms, massage therapy and other uninsured service requests can all be submitted online, allowing you to limit unnecessary appointments. By requiring patients to consent to uninsured service fees before completing a request, Ocean can also reduce patient confusion and increase compliance with payment requests.

We recently augmented our website with Website Forms to expand our communication avenues with patients beyond the office front desk and the traditional phone call. Being a university health service our annual rush of new students meant tedious and laborious new chart creation. The registration Website Form allows this process to be boiled down to a few simple clicks. In addition this method removes any potential data entry mistakes and allows us to redistribute the workload to low work volume periods rather than when the patient calls or shows up.

This new Ocean tool is a real time saver and a must for any big clinic.

Pascal Hodgson, University of Ottawa Family Health Team

How it Works

Submitting a Request on a Website Form

Patients visit the clinic website and click on a link to open the Website Form. They can securely complete the form from any web-enabled device and press submit.

Receiving a Request

The clinic receives an email alert in real time when a new request has been submitted. Staff can view submissions in the Ocean Portal and respond as needed.

Importing a Request

Where appropriate, accepted requests can be imported into the EMR using the “Import” function. This is particularly useful for new patient registrations.

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