Working at CognisantMD: Jonathan Fishbein, Director of R&D

NAME: Jon Fishbein
ROLE: Director, Research and Development

Jon Fishbein describes his role as Director, R&D at Ocean as the perfect position. It allows him to lead research into patient-centric technology solutions, while mentoring and growing a team.

What is your role and how has it evolved?
Currently, I am the Director of Research and Development at Ocean by CognisantMD. It is a fantastic opportunity to lead the idea generation for new solutions, features, and functionality and to recommend improvements. As someone deeply committed to professional development and growth, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor and guide the work of my teammates.

What is the most exciting or challenging part of your role?
It takes a genuinely inquisitive person, with a broad range of skills to succeed here. It’s less about specific programming languages and more about the ability to quickly pick up new tools and apply an engineering approach to problem solving. I want to encourage a true sense of curiosity in my teammates and foster their passion for using technology to change an industry. It’s something that motivates me, and I think it’s a very rewarding way to work and grow as a technologist.

I love coming in to work every day to help the team become better at what they do. I’m here to empower them with the resources they need – from guidance to hands-on learning opportunities – to do their best work here and enjoy it.

Ocean by CognisantMD is changing the face of Healthcare in Canada, what part of this experience has felt most purposeful for you?
Being part of the R&D team at Ocean by CognisantMD is the chance to disrupt an industry. We’re working to transform healthcare into a patient-centric experience by innovating solutions for their use, and for their practitioners to use. Being a part of a team that builds open healthcare systems is a significant achievement for me. I get to see both the abstract and concrete impact of our software when it is used as intended.

I feel honoured to be working at a company that is dedicated to improving and modernizing the healthcare experience in Canada through technology.

Would you like to be a part of the Ocean team?

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