Welcome to the CognisantMD Blog!

Jeff-and-Doug-Kavanagh-squareAs we launch the CognisantMD blog, we’re excited to have this place where we can share all the interesting things we’re working on here for our users, researchers, industry partners and fellow clinicians. But more importantly, we’re looking forward to creating a place where people can access useful tools and information, learn new ways to improve their practice and share their own ideas.
As a company, we started out by building a library of clinical tools and openly sharing them with the medical community. This blog feels like the natural way for us to continue in that tradition as we move forward.

CognisantMD has experienced extraordinary growth this past year. A huge number of new specialists, family health teams, student health clinics and academic institutions – from St. Michael’s Hospital to Brock University – have adopted OceanWave tablets in their practice. We’ve had a number of practices start to use our OceanWave Online solution for patient registration and chronic conditions. And we just launched Ocean HealthLinks, a free map-based referral directory for clinicians with over 25,000 specialists and allied healthcare professionals in Ontario. The feedback from patients and clinicians has been extremely positive. There is a genuine sense of excitement as we jointly discover this new way to practice medicine.

It is inspiring to hear from our champion physician users as they make statements about Ocean being “the future of medicine”, with a “real potential to save lives”. That sort of endorsement keeps us working hard and excited for the future. (If you haven’t already, you should check out our case studies.)

Over the past twelve months, we’ve marshaled ourselves into a small, nimble and diversely skilled team. Greg runs our R&D and production operations. Victoria runs our marketing. Being a physician and former chief software architect of the Telus PS Suite EMR (market leader in Canada), I provide the clinical expertise and product definition knowledge. Jeff has the software management experience to tie it together. Everybody works together in our small office in North Toronto, rolling up our sleeves (sometimes literally – it can be hot in our office!) and building Ocean into the most advanced, secure, and comprehensive cloud-based clinical resource and communications platform in Canada.

To our users: thank you for your support! Your endorsement and feedback is invaluable to us. We are grateful for your help as we develop new ways for Ocean to bridge the communication gaps in our healthcare system and improve care.

Stay tuned for more innovation soon!

Best wishes,

Doug on behalf of the entire CognisantMD team