The Impatient Patient: An eBook by Dr. John Crosby

2015.08-24-eBook-Dr-John-CrosbyVery few people realize that the genesis of the Ocean Platform was actually a series of tools that our co-founder, Dr. Doug Kavanagh built when he was in medical school, to help clinicians save time and still provide excellent patient care. Back then, Doug often spent his spare time building point-of-care clinical tools that could be used with the TELUS PS Suite EMR (which he also built as Chief Architect). However, the real turning point came when he was in residency.

If you ask Doug, he’ll tell you how frustrating it was trying to balance his (somewhat obsessive) need for thoroughness with the limitations of a short patient visit.  While studying the “99 priority topics” for his final residency exam, Doug realized that he could create a series of patient questionnaires that could be presented to a patient on a tablet to gather high-quality, focused histories from his patients, allowing him to provide thorough care for his patients, even within the constraints of a 15-minute visit.

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Since then, the goal of helping clinicians to be more efficient, while still providing the highest quality care, has remained central to everything we do at CognisantMD. It follows that we were thrilled and honoured to be included in Dr. John Crosby’s recent eBook, The Impatient Patient. Dr. Crosby is not only a highly respected primary care physician and professor of Family Medicine, he is also one of the most popular bloggers and columnists for the Medical Post and the Canadian Healthcare Network.

The Impatient Patient provides a humorous yet practical guide to finding ways to be more efficient in your practice, stay on schedule, and ultimately have happier staff and patients. Even better – the appendix is full of tools that you can literally copy and paste and start using today.

Dr. Crosby was kind enough to allow us to share his book with our readers. You can download it here (pdf).