PSS Tip #4: Track patient health over time with flowsheets

Similar to lab tables, TELUS PS Suite Flowsheets are valuable tools to help you track various patient values over time. However, unlike lab tables, Flowsheets allow you to track any patient criteria including weight and blood pressure. They are particularly useful for specific patient populations like patients with diabetes or congestive heart failure.

Getting Started: TELUS PS Suite Flowsheets are easy to create. From your EMR, choose the View menu -> Show Flowsheet (or just press F1). From here you can choose the File menu -> Add Global Flowsheet to create a flowsheet for a specific patient population, like diabetes or congestive heart failure. Just click on the Add Field button to add a new health metric. For example, you can add Hemoglobin A1C by choosing the Lab Values column.
A series of pre-configured flowsheets are also freely available in the CognisantMD Library, including an Atrial Fibrillation Flowsheet, and flowsheets for Rheumatology and Cardiology designed for specialists.

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