PSS Tip #7: Store and access patient handouts in PS Suite

Importing handouts into PS Suite is an easy way to keep useful handouts easily accessible. By using links from the toolbar, you can easily set up bookmarks that link to your own files and web-based resources.

Getting Started: Importing handouts into PS Suite is easy. You can import any text file, Word file, PDF, or image into the Handouts window, accessible from the main PS Suite toolbar. You may also consider importing a handout as a PS custom form, which allows you to make patient-specific customizations, such as a quick entry field for typing individualized notes, or text fields that stamp in patient-specific information.

Sometimes it’s easier to just use Google or a set of bookmarks to manage your patient handouts. You can use PS Suite’s Help menu to store a set of bookmarks. This approach also has the advantage of being synchronized across all machines. Some sites set up the same set of bookmarks on every machine.

Bonus Tip from Dr. Doug Kavanagh

“I like to use the Evernote application to reference my clinical notes, which I can access from anywhere in the clinic or on my smartphone. Using Evernote, I can enter a hyperlink for quick access to patient handouts.“

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