Start Sending Mental Health eReferrals to BounceBack

Did you know you can use Ocean to send eReferrals to BounceBack?

We are pleased to share that Ontario-based healthcare providers can now electronically refer patients seeking mental health support to BounceBack using the Ocean eReferral Network. BounceBack provides a free, guided self-help program designed to help patients experiencing anxiety or depression, or who may be feeling low, stressed, worried, irritable. With the government of Ontario increasing mental health support in the wake of COVID-19, evidence-informed cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programs like BounceBack can continue to expand and support patients across the province. To learn more, go to

To send an eReferral and view additional details, visit BounceBack’s listing on the Ocean Healthmap. There are no fees to send an eReferral — you just need to sign up for a free Ocean account to get started. Patients can also self-refer using the Ocean self-referral link found here.