Specialist Focus: Helpful Tools for OB/GYNs

2015.03.18-OB-Gyn-Specialist-FocusThe Ocean platform can be particularly useful for specialists who frequently see new patients. In this post, we thought we would share some of the most useful tools in Ocean for specialists in obstetrics and gynecology. This includes everything from general history-taking forms to focused history questionnaires that automatically generate consult letters.

As with all Ocean forms, ob/gyns can invite patients to complete them online from home before a visit using an email invite (similar to SurveyMonkey, but with full PHIPA-compliance for patient confidentiality). Alternatively, patients can complete the forms in the waiting room before the appointment. In either case, the note comes into the EMR automatically as a formatted progress note/letter (for users that are not on an integrated EMR, the results are available in the Ocean Health Portal).

I’m grateful for the input provided by Dr. Gillian Yeates who is using her TELUS PS Suite EMR with Ocean for specific consult types including dysmenorrhea and incontinence/prolapse. Using my skills as a techie/family doc and her feedback, we were able to craft questionnaires that generate consult letters in a natural-looking, pseudo-dictated format. All of the forms are customizable and free for unlimited clinical use with the basic tablet subscription.

Ob/Gyn Patient Forms to Generate Formatted Letter or Progress Note

The following patient questionnaires automatically generate a natural-language note that can be used in the patient record or as part of a consult letter. Click on the links below to complete the questionnaire and see the consult note generated in real-time in the blue box.

Helpful History-Taking Forms

The following patient questionnaires may be sent to a patient before their appointment, or presented on a tablet in the waiting room/exam room. Click on the links below to complete the questionnaire and see the note generated in real-time in the blue box.