Ocean Tips: How to Simplify New Patient Registration

Adding and rostering new patients into your EMR can be a time-consuming process. Here are some ways Ocean makes the new patient registration process easier and more efficient for your team:


Sign and receive roster forms online

With the shift towards virtual care over the last year, getting patients to sign and securely send roster forms back to the clinic can be a tricky problem. However, by using a combination of Ocean forms and our file uploader, some clinics are accepting their roster forms virtually. These are some of the methods we’ve seen from the Ocean community:

Via Secure Message

Send your patient a secure message and attach a roster form, like this patient enrolment & consent example. Also include a blank PDF of the MOHLTC roster form for reference.

Once the patient completes the Ocean form, the results will sync right into the patient chart for your reference.

Using the File Uploader

If PDF version of your roster forms are available on your website, direct patients to send back the completed form using Ocean’s file uploader. It’s safer than traditional email, secure, and features a built-in virus scanner.

To cover all of their bases, clinics will use a combination of the two methods above because it ensures the notes go directly into the chart, but they also have a copy of the PDF if needed.


Automatically create new charts

Whether you are currently adding new patients to your practice, or you are a specialist that only sees new patients, Ocean’s new patient chart feature saves countless hours of manually creating charts and transcribing information from one place to another.

Ocean can create new charts if you are accepting:

  • An eReferral from a new patient
  • A request for care/services through an online form
  • An appointment booking from a new patient
  • A walk-in visit

If the patient completes any additional Ocean forms, those notes will automatically sync into the newly-created chart as well.


Collect demographics and consent all at once

Once Ocean creates a new chart for the patient and they complete the roster forms, clinics can move onto intake. By creating a “New Patient Registration” template, you can quickly include forms like Demographic Review, General History, Email and Virtual consent, and more. Using the responses from the patient, Ocean can pre-populate or update certain fields in the chart which eliminates a lot of the manual work for staff.

If you have any other questions, please let us know or contact our support team directly at ocean.tips/support.