Creating & Sharing Clinical Content is Easier Than Ever

Sharing Clinical Content in Ocean

The eForm editor in the Ocean portal makes it easy to create new forms or edit duplicate forms from other Ocean users. Click to open larger image.

Most healthcare workers are eager to share best practices with their colleagues; yet despite this, knowledge translation remains a big issue. Without an effective way to capture, share and replicate best practices across providers, valuable tools and resources are left underused in “clinical silos”.

That’s why we created the Open Clinical Encounter Assistance Network (Ocean) two years ago. Ocean began as a clinical resource library to share EMR resources like custom forms and encounter assistants; it now contains over 150 EMR tools used by hundreds of clinics across Canada.

With the launch of our OceanWave patient self-interviewing products last year, the Ocean library grew even larger. Today, it contains over 500 patient-facing questionnaires and screening tools for everything from patient registration to decision support and clinical history-taking.

This week, we are excited to announce that our library is about to grow again, as we further extend our commitment to the open sharing of resources. This week’s Ocean release will include the following changes:

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1. We are making it easy to create your own clinical content

Our eForm editor makes it easy to design your own forms or customize existing ones. From any web browser, you can add new questions, drag-and-drop content, and see the effects of your changes instantly. No custom software or coding is required. For more advanced users, you can even add your own form programming to intelligently hide or show certain fields, or customize the clinical note generated in the patient record.

2. We are making it easier than ever to share your clinical content with your colleagues.

All forms will now be shared and available to any Ocean user by default. This means that clinics will be able to browse Ocean forms created by other sites using the eForm tab in the Ocean portal. Sites will have the option to import and use any form “as-is” or duplicate a form and customize it for their needs. If at any time the original source form is updated by the authoring site, sites using that form will have the option to simply “sync” their copy to get the latest changes. If you’re shy, you can always hide a form from the public directory in the eForm Editor under “form properties”.

We’re making sharing the default and we think that’s pretty revolutionary — we can’t wait to hear what you think.