PSS Tip #6: Provide patients with report cards and action plans

Written action plans and report cards can serve as a valuable and time-saving communication tool for your patients. Keeping action plans and report cards easily accessible from your EMR is a great way to ensure you provide these valuable resources to your patients.

Getting Started: Report cards are a valuable tool to summarize a patient’s health status in the context of a particular chronic disease. They are also an excellent motivating interviewing tool. Similarly, written action plans are an important component of care, and have been shown to be significantly more effective than verbal action plans.. You can access a series of sample action plans in the Ocean Clinical Resource Library.

Depending on your specialty, you may consider creating a customized treatment plan for your patients using PS custom forms. Using the built-in stamping tools in PSS, these custom forms can extract patient-specific information from the chart and allow you to type in quick notes for individual patients. We would be happy to provide advice and assistance if you have any questions along these lines.

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