Are You Making the Most of Your EMR? A TELUS PSS User Checklist

Some of the most powerful, time-saving features in TELUS PS Suite are left untouched by physicians and clinicians that use the EMR everyday.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing 10 helpful tips to help you use PS Suite for everything from clinical decision support to patient communication and administrative tasks. With links directly to our library of free templates and downloadable tools, you’ll be on your way to getting more from your EMR, while saving time and improving patient care.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of questions that can help you decide if you’re making the most of PS Suite. You can review the list below, or download a pdf version to print or share with your colleagues.

Do you....

  • Have a PS Suite toolbar installed with links to your most-used resources?
  • Use Smart Reminders for preventive management tasks?
  • Use decision support tools and calculators in PS Suite?
  • Track patient health over time with flowsheets?
  • Use Encounter assistants to create progress notes and consult letters?
  • Provide patients with report cards and action plans that are stored and tracked in your EMR?
  • Store and access patient handouts in PS Suite?
  • Capture and keep track of email consent in your EMR?
  • Let patients register and share medical details from home?
  • Let patients review medication and reminders in the waiting room?
  • Link to the Ocean HealthLinks referral directory of specialists and allied health providers from your EMR?