Ocean Tips: How do I automatically load forms based on my patient’s demographics?

Ocean Tips: Using KeywordsKeywords are a powerful tool in Ocean that help you to automate patient form completion and clinical notes. Today, we want to highlight one of the most helpful features of keywords: using them in tablet rules to automatically load specific forms for a patient.

Here are some examples of keyword-based tablet rules that could be useful for your clinic*:

With this feature of Ocean, you can save time, cut down on manual administrative burden, and ensure your patients receive the correct forms based on their demographics. Depending on how you configure your tablet rules, the forms can load once a patient checks in using a Ocean Check-In Kiosk, or alongside other pre-loaded forms when handed an Ocean Tablet in staff-initiated mode. With this level of specificity, you can provide customized and relevant reminders for patients without “needing to remember every time.”

To learn how to implement this function, check out “Using Keywords to Automatically Insert Content.

*Some keyword rules are only available for specific EMRs