Using Ocean for COVID-19 Coronavirus Screening

This blog post is no longer being updated. Please refer to our COVID-19 Screening Tools page for an up-to-date list of tools and resources.

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, many healthcare clinics have contacted us for assistance in automating COVID-19 Coronavirus screening before a patient books an appointment with their healthcare provider. We have added four new COVID-19 screening tools to the core Ocean eForm library, and are updating them on a regular basis as the recommended guidelines change.

With Ocean, you can screen patients for COVID-19 in the following ways:

  • On a kiosk during the check-in process;
  • On hand-held tablets as they complete forms;
  • Before the appointment through reminders;
  • During the online booking process.

To learn more about how to implement screening using Ocean, please follow the instructions provided below or contact our support team at

Completing Wuhan Screening Form on a tablet
Screening patients at check-in on an Ocean Kiosk or Tablet:
  1. Go to the “Rules” tab in your kiosk settings and click “Create Rule
  2. Search for and choose the COVID-19 Coronavirus Screen form
  3. In the trigger field, type “true” if you want the form to appear every time

If some of your patients prefer checking-in with the receptionist, the screening form can be added to Patient Tablets using the same instructions to capture more patients.

Screening patients before the appointment with Ocean Reminders:
  1. Create a Messages template and attach the COVID-19 Coronavirus Email Screen form
  2. Go to “Ocean Reminders” within the Admin tab and click “New Reminder Rule
  3. Select “Javascript” for the rule type and write “true” as the condition
  4. Set an appropriate schedule, assign the correct template, and save your settings
Screening patients before the appointment through Online Booking:

Note: It is recommended that Online Booking users contact us for assistance when updating their online booking flow.

  1. Login to the Ocean Portal > eForms tab to locate the “Online Booking – Family Medicine (COVID Screen)“. Select this eForm and click the Import button to download the form to your site.
  2. From your forms list, select the COVID screen and click on “edit”.
  3. Edit each form and include the appointment types from your original booking form. Ensure the duration of the appointment is correctly set in the point value field.
  4. Navigate to Admin > Online Booking. Click configure for each of your links and click the folder icon for the Booking Form to replace it with your new COVID screening form.
Allow patients to self-screen:

Our COVID-19 Self Symptom Checker allows patients to take the initiative and self-screen before they see their healthcare provider. When placed on your website, patients can check their symptoms and receive a summary of the results. If the patient is a potential positive screen, they will be directed to contact Canada’s help line immediately for next steps.

To add the form to your clinic website, add a hyperlink to the URL below:

If needed, the forms can be translated into French and Chinese. To learn more, visit our support article on translating eForms into another language, or contact our support team for assistance.

How can we get started with Ocean?

Ocean currently integrates with Canada’s leading EMRs including TELUS Health PS Suite, Med Access, QHR Accuro EMR, and OSCAR. In addition to COVID-19, the platform can also be used as part of an overall automated infection control protocol like the one put in place by Women’s College Hospital. For more information on how to get started, please contact

For more information about the COVID-19 outbreak, please see the Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) outbreak update.