NEW: The Ocean Portal Has Changed!

The next time you log into the Ocean Portal, you may notice things look a little different. We are very excited to reveal that we are launching a new and improved Ocean Portal navigation, along with a few bonus features.

These changes were designed to make the platform easier to use by separating out various product views and making some of the more “hidden” features easier to find. Over the coming months we will release a series of ongoing improvements as we continue to update and refresh the portal experience. Along with these changes, we’ll be adding quick in-product tours and tutorials to ensure you’re making the most of Ocean.

For now, here are a few highlights you’ll see when you log in:

No More Tabs

We’ve replaced the old tab navigation with a clean, structured drop-down menu. This approach will make it easier to access to all the products on the Ocean Platform. In addition to the basic tab menu options, we’ve also added helpful links to additional resources, and given individual products their own page view.

eReferrals, Website Forms, and Online Booking Now Have Dedicated Views

One of the most important changes you’ll notice in the portal is the elimination of the eRequest tab. This tab was previously used to manage eReferrals, Website Forms, and Online Booking. In the new design, each of these products has a dedicated page view, helping to eliminate unnecessary folders, reducing clutter on the page, and making it easier to manage each of these products.

Highlighting Ocean's new navigation menu and where to find eRequests
Online Booking Management and Configuration is Now Accessed from One View

Online Booking users now have a dedicated page to manage booked appointments. All of the functionality from the eRequest tab remains, without the additional unnecessary folders. You will also find that Online Booking configuration is easily accessed from this page, using the settings button. This makes it easy to add schedules and update booking preferences, all from a single location.

Product Tours

We have introduced a series of product tours to make it easier to learn about new features and familiarize yourself with each of the product pages. The tours button is available on all pages, and will offer dedicated tours for each page view. We will continue to add new tours and tutorials as new features are added.
We are confident these changes will make your Ocean Portal experience better, while enabling the Platform to add more features in the months and years to come. To take a look at the new changes, log into Ocean at or through your EMR.

If you have questions about these changes or any other patient engagement product questions, please reach out to us at or through the Support link in the navigation menu.