New for Reminders: Text, Easier Targeting, and more!

Over the last year, healthcare clinics have embraced secure messaging and reminders to communicate with patients, supplement virtual care,  and share important information outside of the clinic.

During that time, we’ve received some very helpful feedback from both clients and patients on how we can make Ocean’s messaging and reminder tools work better for them. Our product & development teams have worked extremely hard to help bring some of these feature requests to the Ocean Platform.

We’re excited to announce the following product updates and enhancements are now available in Ocean.

Send Appointment Reminders Using Text Messages

Ocean now supports text-based appointment reminders in addition to the default email reminder.  Using text message reminders, clinics can send patients their appointment details,  request appointment confirmation, and alert patients to check their email if they have outstanding Ocean forms to complete.

Ocean Patient Reminder text message example

With Ocean’s customization options, clinics can also select specific appointment types to receive the additional text reminder. For example, routine visits may only require an email reminder (and a COVID-19 screening form attached for good measure). However, for appointment types like where the risk of no-shows is higher, clinics can choose to supplement with a text reminder.

Easily Target & Customize Reminders

We’ve made it even easier to customize your reminders so they get to the right patient, at the right time, using the right channel (whether it be email, or email and text). From the new Edit Reminders page, you can easily create the reminder, set how many days before or after the appointment it should send,  choose how it should be sent, and what template to use.

With the simplified rule builder, you can also set additional conditions for each specific reminder type using simple, drop-down menu choices including appointment type, reason for visit, the provider, and more.

Ocean by CognisantMD rule builder

Improve Patient Engagement & Trust with Formatted Emails

We have updated all Ocean emails to incorporate a simple, grey background frame, updated font, improved link styling, and a clear identifying footer. With these changes, we hope to give patients greater confidence in the authenticity of both messages and links included. As always, you still have full control over the contents of the secure message.

Ocean Patient Reminder in a patient's inbox

We continue to aim to provide the most secure, reliable, and easy-to-use tools for patient engagement and we look forward to sharing even bigger improvements this year. Stay tuned!