A New, EMR-Centric Approach to Secure Messages

Secure MessagesWith Ocean, you can now send secure messages to your patients, add attachments, track when a patient has read your message, and allow them to respond – all without risking the safety and privacy of PHI.

If you are an Ocean user, you may have noticed a little checkbox saying “Include Secure Message” that appears when you email a form to a patient. We quietly released this feature a few months ago to give clinicians the option to send secure, personalized messages to patients using Ocean links. Some people noticed it, started using it, and loved it…but they wanted it to do more, like add attachments, allow patients to respond to messages, and provide an option for patients to initiate a message.

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It was clear to us that with these added features, Ocean secure messages could be an extremely valuable tool for many clinics. Today, we’re pleased to share that we took that feedback to heart, and Ocean users can now access a secure messaging solution unlike any other on the market today.

Here’s what makes Ocean secure messages different:

  1. Messages are always encrypted.  All messages – both sent and received from a patient – are encrypted to ensure that PHI is always kept private and secure. Patients are also required to validate their identity before reading a secure message. This is not possible with traditional email.
  2. Clinician-driven controls help to manage message volume and prevent misuse. Secure messages are designed to be clinician-driven to help prevent abuse and manage message flow. You can easily allow a patient to respond to a message by selecting an optional checkbox before pressing send.
  3. An automatic alert system lets you keep track when patients receive and view messages.
    When a patient opens a secure message or completes a form, an alert can be automatically sent to a designated email address.  You can even set Ocean to let you know if a patient doesn’t open a message within a certain period of time. With Ocean alerts, you can have peace of mind knowing that an important message won’t be accidentally missed.
  4. Messages are automatically tracked in the EMR. Unlike other messaging systems, Ocean’s EMR integration means that messages (both sent and received) are recorded in the patient record automatically. Clinicians can also send a message, right from the EMR, with the patient’s email address pre-populated.

We realize some clinics are interested in finding a way to allow patients a way to email or make contact online. There is no real way to protect the privacy of emailed patient information, so any secure solution requires that a patient message their provider from a secure online site. Ocean eRequests give clinics a simple way to allow patients to contact them directly from their website, without risking privacy or requiring logins or passwords. This approach also helps to manage excess volume and reduce the likelihood of a patient misusing the service.

Limited Time Offer: Get a Free eRequest Link for Inbound Patient Messages

Ocean Secure Messages are covered by Ocean Online subscriptions and are available to all Ocean users. For a limited time, all new Ocean Online site licenses will be eligible for a basic eRequest link* to enable secure, inbound patient messages. Already subscribed to Ocean Online site licensing? You’re eligible too – just email us and request the Secure Messaging offer.

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