Making Email Consent Easy at the Point of Care

Email-iconWe recently brought together a leading hospital, a major university health services clinic and a family health team to develop an automated process to collect patient consent at the point of care using the Ocean tablet. It includes a detailed consent form based on the recommendations presented by the Canadian Medical Protective Organization (you can view the form by clicking on the button at the end of this article).

This process is freely available to all Ocean customers, and can be edited to meet the needs of a specific organization. Most clinics set up rules to ensure that the email consent form is automatically presented to patients on a tablet when they check in; once a patient has granted or denied consent, they are not asked again at follow-up visits. There is also an option to send the consent form to patients via email; patients receive a message with a secure link that takes them to the form.

There are numerous benefits to using Ocean for email consent…

  • Automatically capture email address for consenting patients on a tablet with no error-prone typing by staff.
  • Full support for parents to consent on behalf of children.
  • Ability to automatically request consent renewal and email address review once per year (or other specified timeframe).
  • Full EMR integration to digitally track email consent.
  • Paperless solution with electronic date/time stamp.
  • Ocean security framework, featuring end-to-end client-specific encryption to protect patient data.

As part of this process, we also developed a way to easily view email consent status in the patient record in the EMR. The email consent toolbar for TELUS PS Suite allows physicians to see at a glance if a patient has provided email consent. When used with the Ocean email consent questionnaire, the patient status is automatically updated as soon as the patient provides consent.  The toolbar is also available as a free download with quick links to manually track email consent in PSS independent of the Ocean platform.

To see how the email consent form appears to a patient, simply click on the demo links below. You can also download the email consent toolbar from the link provided. If you’re interested in getting started with email consent in your practice, let us know!

Extended Email Consent

This email consent meets or exceeds the recommendations laid out by the Canadian Medical Protective Organization

Simplified Email Consent

This is a shortened version of the email consent form with less “fine print” for clinics that prefer a simpler method.

EMR Toolbar for Consent

This toolbar gives you a way to easily track and view patient email consent status from the patient record in PS Suite.