Introducing Ocean for Med Access

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Ocean integration with TELUS Med Access. With this release, Med Access clinics can now connect to Canada’s leading patient engagement platform, providing them with tools to improve patient experience, increase operational efficiency in the waiting room, and facilitate better communication between the patients, clinics, and physicians.

How does Ocean work?

At the basis of every patient engagement tool on the Ocean Platform is an Ocean form. There are thousands of forms in the Ocean Library that can be customized to collect information from the patient and populate their chart in the EMR. Whether it’s updating demographics on a check-in kiosk, providing a clinical history on a tablet, or completing intake forms online at home, Ocean provides clinics with powerful, customizable tools to engage with patients at every step of their journey.

How will Ocean benefit my clinic?

Currently, Med Access clinics can use the following:

  • Check-In Kiosks: Streamline check-in and alleviate waiting room congestion with automatic patient kiosk check-in, including optional demographic updates, patient screening, consent forms and more.
  • Patient Tablets: Let your patients complete intake forms, demographic updates, medication reconciliation and more on a tablet in your waiting room, automatically updating the EMR patient chart in real-time.
  • Patient Messages: Securely send messages, attachments, and forms for patients to complete at home, and seamlessly update the EMR patient record with their responses.
  • Patient Reminders: Automatically send reminders about upcoming appointments with customized messages and attachments based on appointment type. Reminders can also be sent after appointments, making it easy to carry out patient experience surveys or conduct automated follow-ups.
  • Patient Group Messages: Reach a group of patients by email with a secure link to a message, form, or attachment. Remind patients about overdue procedures and screening, or invite a group of patients to complete a satisfaction survey in just a few clicks.
  • Website Forms: Allow patients to complete forms directly from your website using a secure & PHIPA-compliant eRequest link. From prescription renewal requests to new patient intake forms, web-based forms provide an easy way for patients to communicate with your clinic.
  • Studies: Easily collect data from patients for multi-site studies, longitudinal clinical research, patient-reported outcomes, or patient surveys, without interrupting clinic workflow or risking patient privacy.

To learn more about the Ocean-Med Access integration, or to see a demo of how it works, send us an email or contact your TELUS Health representative.