PSS Tip #3: Install decision support tools and calculators

CognisantMD’s free clinical resource library has a number of TELUS PS Suite custom forms based on clinical guidelines to help you with point-of-care decision support and chronic disease management. These tools can support clinical decision making by offering risk and probability assessments. For example, the latest cardiac age and Framingham risk calculator is available, as are forms for diabetes, asthma action plans, and more.

Getting Started: CognisantMD’s free clinical resource library has a number of forms based on validated clinical prediction rules and other tools that may be relevant to your practice. For example: the Wells Criteria form is a validated prediction rule for assessing the risk of DVT; the Atrial Fibrillation Stroke and Bleeding Risk Assessment assists in assessing the risk/benefit ratio of patients with atrial fibrillation; and the Mosteller formula calculates body surface area (BSA) for drug dosing.

Full instructions for adding a new calculator or decision support tool to PS Suite can be found here.

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