Generate Customized NutriSTEP Patient Handouts on Ocean

NutriSTEP Customized Handout

This customized patient handout is generated based on the parent responses to the NutriSTEP nutrition screening tool in Ocean. It includes concise key messages and can be easily printed for the parent to take home. (Click to enlarge)

Are you using NutriSTEP screens on Ocean to integrate nutritional screen data into your young patients’ charts? It’s been a popular addition to the Ocean forms library and it helps streamline the process of child nutrition screening, particular if there’s an EMR involved.

Today we’re pleased to announce that Ocean can also help you counsel your patients to improve eating habits, thanks to a collaborative project between CognisantMD and the Sudbury District Health Unit.

Knowledge translation is most effective when audiences have a concise summary of the key messages to take home, and this is doubly true in a busy family medicine clinic with kids bouncing on knees to distract parents. To help, we’ve made the Sudbury District Health Unit’s customized handout one click away for all Ocean clients. It’s generated automatically for individual patients, summarizes the parent’s responses and provides key messages and resources based on those responses that can be printed and taken home.

It’s available in English and French and is no extra cost on the Ocean platform today. To use it, simply pick the NutriSTEP forms “with SDHU handout” – a link to the handout will be generated automatically and made available in the patient chart (for PS Suite users) and in the patient tab in the Ocean Portal (for all users).