Flu Shot Season is Here: Let Ocean Automatically Screen & Invite Your Patients

automating vaccine invitationsFall season = flu season and when it comes to prevention, vaccines are your patient’s best line of defence. Each year, approximately 12,200 people are hospitalized and 3,500 die as a result of contracting influenza.

Despite these statistics, it can still be difficult to get patients into the clinic for immunizations, and even more difficult to track those who are getting their flu shot somewhere else, such as their local pharmacy.

With Ocean, keeping your patients healthier and informed (while tracking immunizations outside the clinic) is simple. Here are a few key ways you can take advantage of Ocean’s automation to improve flu shot rates in your clinic and educate patients on the importance of getting vaccinated:

Display a Reminder at Check-In

Update your welcome screen on your Ocean Check-In Kiosk to remind people to get their flu shot and include details such as dates and times for any specific flu shot clinics you might be hosting. This can be easily done from the Tablets tab in the Ocean Portal, by editing the “Introduction” in your tablet group.

Send Secure Email Reminders Before Appointments

Ocean Online makes it easy to send your patients a secure email reminder about flu shots before their appointment. This can include educational material and brief questions like whether they would like to receive the flu shot; and in the case of patients that are declining to have the shot, you can gently prompt them to indicate why. Ocean also allows you to send batch secure email invitations to all your patients that have not yet received the shot.

Set a Rule to Automatically Ask Patients About the Flu Shot on the Tablet

You can set up a rule in Ocean to automatically display a flu shot invitation on an Ocean Tablet to patients that a) have not already received the shot, and b) have not responded to an online invitation. You can also limit this rule to patients from a particular demographic (eg. age 65 and over). By including an option to say “I’ve already received my shot somewhere else”, you can even track patients that may have attended a flu shot clinic at their workplace, a pharmacy, or elsewhere.