Featured Support Questions: November 2016

Question-of-the-monthWe answer hundreds of support questions each month from Ocean users about everything from creating forms to choosing a tablet. We chose a few recent customer questions that we think may be helpful to other users. Have a question you would like answered for next month? Let us know by submitting a ticket here! (please note in the description that you would like to see this featured as a newsletter topic!)

Q: If I send a patient an email using Ocean Secure Messages, is it tracked in the patient record and can I see when the patient opened it?

A: Ocean allows you to send secure messages (and receive a response) from patients by expanding the “Send Secure Message” label in the email window. All secure messages and responses generate a clinical note in the patient record including the time the note was generated. However, for privacy reasons, only the secure message content is stored within Ocean and the EMR; the “template” email content is not tracked or stored. Since plain email as a general technology does not support ‘read receipts’, there is no way to confirm on our end that an email was read. As a result, we recommend putting all clinically-relevant content within the secure message and using Ocean’s “Notify me when viewed” option. To change where your alerts are sent, simply click on your name in the Ocean Portal (top right menu), select “View My Account” and update the Clinical Delegate Email field.

Q: I am using Ocean with Accuro but my appointments aren’t appearing for some reason. How can I fix this?

A: Occasionally a tablet will lose connection with the Accuro server. If that happens, the best thing to do is to open the OceanConnect app and test the configuration by clicking the “test & save” button. This will validate all your settings for connecting to Accuro and if successful, Ocean will immediately start syncing appointments from Accuro.

Q: I want to send a secure message to a patient using Ocean with PSS, including an attachment from the patient chart. Is there an easy way to do this?

A: The most recent Ocean custom form for PSS includes a handy “paperclip” icon that makes it quick and easy to download part of the chart as a PDF, which you can then attach to a secure Ocean message. When you click on the paperclip, it will install the Attachment Exporter custom form, which takes the green-bar selections and uses it to create a temporary file on your desktop to use for the attachment.

Q: I keep getting an email that my credit card has not been configured yet I have done it multiple times. Why would this be happening and how can I fix it?

A: It’s possible that your user account isn’t set as the payer on your Ocean site.
To check the payer for your site, go to the Ocean Portal and click on the Admin tab. Select “Billing” on the left navigation, and look for the Ocean user that is named next to the “Payer” drop-down list near the top (see screenshot below).

set-account-payer-ocean-screenshotTo enter/update your credit card, log into the Ocean web portal, click your name in the top right hand corner and choose “view my account”, then click the billing tab. You will be able to enter or update your credit card information in the top left panel.