Making the ODSP Health Status Report Faster, More Accurate

2014.09.25-ODSP-Health-Status-ReportIf you’ve ever filled out the yellow Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) disability determination package, you know how long and tedious of a process it can be. Completing the forms requires a huge amount of current information about the patient. Since a minor error or inconsistency can result in denial of the application, there’s no room to cut corners.

Getting all the information needed for the Health Status Report is substantial enough. When you add the Activities of Daily Living Index, it’s virtually impossible to complete the forms in the space of a half-hour appointment. In my practice, that has resulted in me spending an extended period of time with the patient in the room, as I go through the form questions one by one and confirm with the patient on each issue.

My solution: I built an eForm that mirrors the paper version, but with patient-oriented questions to help me arrive at the best answer to write for each question. By collecting relevant information from the patient before the appointment, it helps me arrive at the best answer to write for each question.

It turns a tedious interview into a quick transcription and brief sanity check for me.

The Health Status Report and Activities of Daily Living Index patient-facing forms are available to all OceanWave users, and can be completed by the patient on a touchscreen tablet in the waiting room, or online from home using a secure link.