NEW! Family Medicine Picklist

We are frequently asked by customers for ways to more easily scan the library for useful forms. With over 400 forms in the core library and another 1500+ in the expanded library, we understand that filtering through the options (even with keywords) can be time-consuming and inefficient.

Click to view the listing of core forms by category for use in family medicine. The listing is available as an Ocean form or a PSS custom form.

Click image to enlarge.

In an effort to make these forms easier to find and review, Dr. Doug Kavanagh has built a “Family Medicine Picklist”. The picklist provides an easy way to view useful Ocean forms by category, particularly for use in Family Medicine. The picklist can be accessed as a standard Ocean form or as a PSS custom form (available as a download in the Ocean Library).

You can also download and print a pdf version for handy reference at a glance here.

The picklist can be used to find helpful forms and automatically add them to that patient’s queue of forms (by selecting the checkbox next to the forms you want completed in the patient tab in Ocean or in the patient chart in PSS). A more detailed explanation for using the forms to pre-populate the patient’s form queue can be found below.


Using the Family Medicine Picklist as a custom form in PSS
  1. From the Ocean Library, download the Family Medicine Picklist custom form.
  2. Install the custom form in PSS (basic instructions for doing this can be found here).
  3. Once it’s installed, you can add the Ocean custom form to the patient chart as usual.
  4. Then, use the “View Form” function in PSS to select the Ocean Family Medicine Picklist.
  5. Select the forms you want the patient to complete using the checkboxes. This will automatically queue up those forms for the patient to see when they receive the tablet.
  6. Proceed with using Ocean as usual by entering the patient code into the tablet.
Using the Family Medicine Picklist in the Ocean Portal
  1. From the patient tab in the portal, select the patient that you want to complete forms.
  2. Click on “Add eForm”.
  3. Select “Family Medicine Picklist” (hint: it’s easier if you make this one of your favourites).
  4. You will now see the Family Medicine Picklist eForm listed in the patient’s pop-up window. Click on that form and select the forms you want the patient to complete.
  5. Click save and close the pop-up window (do not complete the forms).
  6. The selected forms are now in the queue. The patient will automatically see them the next time they are given a tablet. They can also be emailed to the patient at this point.