Ebola Screening Now Available in Ocean

The Ebola pandemic has created a sense of urgency and concern far beyond the borders of the African countries that are currently affected. Although the risk of the disease spreading in Canada remains very low, there is a clear understanding of the importance of an established screening protocol.

Last week, Public Health Ontario (PHO) released an Ebola screening tool that can be used by primary health care providers to help identify patients who may be at risk for Ebola virus disease. The tool is designed to identify patients that may be at risk, and provide a list of actions to be taken in the case of a patient that may have been exposed to the virus.

As part of our regular updates to the Ocean library, this Ebola screening tool can now be accessed in Ocean so patients can complete the screening on a tablet in the clinic or online from home using Ocean Online’s secure forms. This additional option allows patients that may be at risk to complete screening before they even come into the office.

The tragic nature of the current outbreak cannot be understated. Facing the worst Ebola crisis in history, healthcare officials are under tremendous pressure to coordinate a rapid and massive response, even as the situation continues to unfold.

Patient self-interviewing has great potential to facilitate critical screening and clinical decision support tools in real-time in a healthcare setting. While many physicians don’t have the resources to implement a screening protocol in their office, a single OceanWave tablet can allow them to instantly deploy quality screening tools at the point of care with no additional training or change management required.

The Ocean library consists of over 500 tools with built-in decision support to guide treatment options. These resources can be accessed on OceanWave tablets or online using a secure link. To view an online demo of the Ebola virus screening tool, click on the link below.