Using Ocean for Coronavirus Screening

For primary care clinics looking to implement coronavirus screening, we’ve added a quick screening tool to the Ocean Library. The form can be part of the check-in flow similar to Women’s College Hospital’s automated infection control protocol, displayed on a tablet, or sent to the patient ahead of their visit as part of a reminder.

Completing Wuhan Screening Form on a tablet
Screening patients at check-in:
  1. Go to the “Rules” tab in your kiosk settings and click “Create Rule
  2. Search for and choose the Wuhan Coronavirus Screen form
  3. In the trigger field, type “true” if you want the form to appear every time

If some of your patients prefer checking-in with the receptionist, the screening form can be added to Patient Tablets using the same instructions to capture more patients.

Screening patients before the appointment:
  1. Create a Messages template and attach the Wuhan Coronavirus Screen form
  2. Go to “Ocean Reminders” within the Admin tab and click “New Reminder Rule
  3. Select “Javascript” for the rule type and write “true” as the condition
  4. Set an appropriate schedule, assign the correct template, and save your settings

If needed, the forms can be translated into French and Chinese. To learn more, visit our support article on translating eForms into another language, or contact our support team for assistance.

For more information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus infection, see Canada’s outbreak update.