NEWS: CognisantMD Receives TELUS Product Achievement Award

CATAAlliance-AwardWe’re thrilled to share that we were recently honoured with the Outstanding Product Achievement Award recognizing M-Health Innovation Excellence in Canada’s Health Care Sector. The award, which was presented at the CATAAlliance‘s Annual Innovation Awards Gala Dinner, was created to recognize an outstanding product that has enhanced Canada’s international reputation for healthcare innovation and excellence.

We thought we’d share some of the reasons why CognisantMD was recognized with the TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award for M-Health in 2015.

The Impact of Ocean on Healthcare Today

Transforming Patient Visits: Clinicians report that using Ocean patient history and screening forms can reduce appointment time requirements by as much 65%, while allowing more time spent face-to-face with the patient. By automating administrative tasks like email consent and demographic updates, clinics can also achieve greater efficiencies.

Giving Patients a Way to Directly Affect their Health Record: Over 300,000 patient record EMR updates have been completed by patients in waiting rooms and exam rooms across the country using Ocean to date.

Transforming Patient Records and Making Data Accessible: By replacing the scanning of paper forms with digital data entry, patient records are structured, more accurate, and minable.

Lowering the Cost and Barriers to Clinical Research at the Point of Care: With the option to conduct clinical research on a tablet at the point of care without concerns to patient privacy, researchers can cut per-survey costs by as much as 1500% over traditional paper-based survey methods.

Creating the Largest Library of Openly Available Clinical Questionnaires: The Ocean library has over 700 patient-facing forms and questionnaires, including hundreds of standardized and clinically validated questionnaires with scoring and clinical decision support built in. The library, which is growing every week, is the largest of its kind.

Providing EMR-Agnostic Support for Mobile Tools: Ocean already integrates with multiple EMRs, and with its recent API, other EMR vendors can now use the platform collect and share patient data at the point of care, while automatically updating the EMR patient record.

A big thank you to the CATAAlliance Members for this great honour!