Sending Diagnostic Imaging eReferrals

“What makes eReferrals really transformative is that I can check on the status of a referral and securely communicate back and forth with the diagnostic imaging department at any point.”

– Dr. Keith Hankinson, Family Physician, Two Rivers Family Health Team

Eliminate Paper

With eReferrals, you don’t need to rely on a paper forms that need to be faxed or given to the patient to take with them. Your referrals get to the right place, in real-time, every time.

Get Status Alerts

Automatically receive an email alert when your referral has been received or the status changes. By signing up for a free Ocean account, you can also access the current status of a patient referral at any time in the Ocean Portal.

Reduce Errors

Easy-to-use, comprehensive requisition forms include automatic alerts for missing information or referrals that may be rejected. By reducing the need for back-and-forth clarifications, patients get the services they need sooner.


The Ocean platform provides a secure way for the referring physician and the diagnostic imaging department to communicate back and forth in real time, clarify patient information, or get an update.

How to Send eReferrals to Cambridge Memorial Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department

Sending eReferrals is easy – there are three simple methods to fill them out directly from your computer, with no paper or faxing required.


Through the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Website

From the Diagnostic Imaging Services page on the website, you can click on the eRequisition link, complete the required details and send the referral directly to CMH. If you would like to receive alerts or check on the status of the referral at any time, click on “Sign in” from the referral form. You will be asked to log in or register for a free Ocean account. There is also the option to copy the referral details and paste them in the patient’s EMR.

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Through the Ocean eReferral Directory

Go to, search for Cambridge Memorial Hospital at the top, and click on the hospital listing . Select the diagnostic imaging type that you require, and click on “Send eReferral”. After completing the required fields, click “Send eReferral” at the bottom. A window will open summarizing the referral; this information can be copied to the patient’s chart in the EMR.

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From Your EMR

For TELUS PS Suite: A custom form is available for download from the Diagnostic Imaging Services area of the website (or by using the instructions below). This allows relevant patient information from the EMR to be automatically added to the eReferral form. Once the eReferral is sent to CMH, the EMR will send reminders for clerical staff to check for the appointment. An Ocean Portal account is not required for this option.

PS Custom Form for Diagnostic Imaging eRequisition: (Installation instructions) (right click -> Save As to download the file)

PS Custom Form for MRI eRequisition: (Installation instructions) (right click -> Save As to download the file)

For OSCAR EMR: If you have Ocean installed, you can initiate referrals from OSCAR EMR. With this option, the patient’s contact information and physician details autopopulate the referral form. Details on installing Ocean can be found here.

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How to Use the Ocean Portal to View the Status of an eReferral or Send a Secure Message

The Ocean Portal makes it easy to access the status of all your eReferrals or contact the diagnostic imaging department

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQ page which includes answers to common questions and links to a series of helpful how-to guides as well as our support site. For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us! We are here to help.

“By making referrals faster to process and reducing the likelihood of incomplete referrals, we can improve access and ensure our patients are getting the services they need.”

-Dr. Winnie Lee, Site Lead Radiologist at Cambridge Memorial Hospital on using Ocean eReferrals