CognisantMD Awarded CMA Innovation Grant

awards-logos-jouleWe are thrilled and honoured to share that Dr. Doug Kavanagh was recently selected to receive a Joule™ Innovation grant from the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). The grant program, which was launched this year, was created to help support CMA members developing innovative healthcare solutions.

With the help of the Joule Grant, CognisantMD is working to expand the number of translated forms that physicians can access on the Ocean Platform, with a focus on mental health screening, pain, and well-baby screening. This follows the success of our Syrian Refugee Program, which was launched earlier this year and allows patients to complete a full history and mental health screening in Arabic or Armenian, with the results automatically translated to English for the clinician.

By using Ocean to collect information from patients to in their first language, and translate it to English for the clinician, language barriers can be reduced, improving access to care and ensuring more accurate information is collected from the patient. In the case of mental health screening, the translated forms can also help patients to feel more comfortable sharing sensitive issues. As an added benefit, using Ocean both to collect and translate patient health information can make visits more efficient, and allow clinicians to spend more time face-to-face with patients.

You can learn more about the Joule Grant and how it will be used to help improve Ocean in the video below or on the CMA website here.