Going from “High” to Low Risk: Automate Screening for Cannabis Use with Ocean

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The following is a guest post from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. To learn more about cannabis, visit their website.

As of June 2018, the purchase, possession and use of cannabis is legal in Canada. Cannabis products are used by many, yet can come with various health risks. With legalization, clinicians may encounter more patients who are willing to discuss their cannabis use, offering opportunities to share harm reduction tools.

Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUGs) provide ten evidence-based recommendations to modify and reduce the potential risks for health and mental health harms associated with cannabis for people who use the drug recreationally. The purpose is not to stigmatize users, but to ensure they have the information needed to use the drugs as safely as possible. A version of the guidelines adapted by youth for youth called “The Blunt Truth” can be used for patients under the age of 19.

We’re pleased to share that the LRCUGs are now available as an eForm in the Ocean Library, as seen here in both English and French. For patients who want to discuss their cannabis use, the eForm supports effective risk and harm reduction by navigating them to the age-appropriate guideline (to learn how to easily automate screening using Ocean Tablet rules, see below).

There are also a number of supplementary resources that can be printed including a poster for public spaces and offices, a summary evidence brief for health professionals who want to understand the evidence behind each recommendation, and French versions of the resources. Visit the CAMH website for resources for the general public and on other topics related to cannabis.

Cannabis use screening can be done easily and conveniently by creating an automated tablet rule. Tablet rules are a powerful way to trigger certain forms based on patient characteristics. For example, you may want to screen all patients over the age of 12 for cannabis use once per year without manually queuing the form for everyone.

  1. Login to the Ocean Portal at ocean.cognisantmd.com
  2. Navigate to the “Tablets” tab
  3. Select the tablet or tablet group you want to use for screening and click “Edit”
  4. Once in the tablet settings, click “Rules” and “+ Create Rule”
  5. Search for “Lower-Risk Cannabis Usage Guidelines (LRCUG)” and paste this code into the Trigger field
pt.getAge() < 12 && daysSinceLastCompleted > 365

To learn more about implementing tablet rules, visit our guide to tablet rules.