Automating Vaccine Invitations & Informed Consent

Flu-shot-tablet-questionnaireI recently wrote a post describing how I am using patient questionnaires that incorporate decision aid tools to help support patient-based care and joint-decision making. Specifically, I shared a Statin Decision Aid tool that introduces patients to the concept of statins, the magnitude of their benefit (depending on a patient’s individual risk), discusses side effects, alternatives, and so on. (You can read about it or try out a demo here.)

Since creating the statin tool, I’ve applied this approach more broadly and am now using similar questionnaires for both my vaccine invitations, and simple office-based procedures like joint injections. You can see each of these forms by clicking on the links in the chart below.

The best part is that these forms can be shared with the patient automatically. In response to a reminder cue in my EMR, I send these questionnaires in advance of the visit to my patients via a secure email link (Ocean Online). Patients complete the questionnaire online or on a tablet when they arrive in the clinic. The questionnaires explain the intervention in a patient-friendly manner. They also give let the patient choose to proceed, or seek alternative therapies. Best of all, the patient’s informed consent is documented in my EMR automatically, before I even walk in the room. This process frees up the entire visit for me to answer questions and address what matters most to the patient.

Are you using patient forms for informed consent on tablets (or by sending them to patients before the appointment)? Let us know! We love knowing how our customers are using the Ocean Platform. Have an idea for a form that’s missing? Let us know! We’re always adding new content.