Automatic Vaccination Reminders in the Waiting Room

vaccineFamily doctors: do you sometimes plan to ask whether a patient would like a flu shot, only to become distracted by all of the other issues during the visit? It can be embarrassing to follow-up when this happens, especially when a patient asks, “why didn’t you mention this when I was just there?”.

To help, we’ve developed a number of very quick questionnaires that you can queue up for patients to review, in advance of their visit. These questionnaires can be configured to automatically appear to any patient that has not yet received a particular vaccine, such as the flu shot. Alternatively, they can be added on a case-by-case basis. For example, instead of just asking standard physical questions, you can present screens to educate and inquire their interest in receiving a particular vaccines.

We now have forms for the most common adult immunizations including Flu shots, Pneumococcal 23 vaccine, Shingles vaccine (eg Zostavax), and Tetanus shots (click on the buttons below to preview).

These forms not only invite patients to receive the vaccine, but also provide basic education and informed consent.

We hope you enjoy trying them out. Feel free to reach out to us if you have ideas for other forms that we can build.