New & Improved! Ocean Now Powers Accuro Patient Forms

Accuro Patient Forms Powered By OceanWe are thrilled to announce that Ocean is now officially the technology platform powering Accuro Patient Forms. This represents an exciting new phase in our partnership with the QHR team and Accuro EMR, with tighter integration, more features, and some exciting plans to continue adding more ways to connect with patients right from the EMR.

Over three years ago, we started working with the team at QHR to make the Ocean library of customizable patient forms available to Accuro users. Since then, our development teams have been working hard to extend the API integration and ensure that Accuro users have access to all the rich functionality that the Ocean Platform can offer.

This includes:
  • Pre-visit Forms: Have your patients complete intake and other forms from home before their appointment.
  • Self Check-In: Transform your waiting room with a kiosk to check in patients and fill out forms.
  • Automatic Documentation: Save valuable time during patient visits by automatically collecting a patient history in an Encounter note with rich text formatting for easy review.
  • Self-Serve Website Forms: Reduce patient phone calls by creating a self-serve option on your website to allow patients to complete common forms or update their demographics.
  • Surveys & Research: Easily conduct surveys and longitudinal clinical research.
  • Patient Form Editing & Creation: Access the Ocean library of 4000+ patient forms or create your own in the drag-and-drop form builder.

To help celebrate this new milestone, Accuro is offering special year end incentives for Accuro Patient Forms. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing a demo, visit Accuro Patient Tools or call 1.866.454.4681