Sending and Receiving eReferrals in Accuro Just Got Better

Our team has been hard at work making our Accuro integration even better, and we’re thrilled to share the results. Working closely with the QHR development team and the System Coordinated Access Program, we have added new features to improve eReferrals for both senders and receivers on Accuro EMR.

Recent enhancements include:

  • Sending eReferral Appointment Notifications from Accuro
    You can now create new eReferral appointments in the Accuro scheduler and launch a CDS link to update the appointment in Ocean, trigger a booking email notification for the patient, and allow them to confirm.
  • Attaching Clinical Notes or Documents from Accuro to an Ocean eReferral
    Generate letters with attachments in a patient chart in Accuro, and automatically upload them to the Ocean eReferral when launched.
  • Saving Sent or Received Referrals as a Document Instead of an Encounter Note
    Configure sent and received eReferrals to appear as a document in a customized folder or sub-folder or as an encounter note in the patient’s EMR chart.

Interested in seeing the changes? Watch this webinar lead by the System Coordinated Access Program and our eReferral Project Manager, Hope Burrows. If you have any questions about getting started with eReferrals, contact your local Change Management Specialist or email