2016: The Ocean Year in Review

2016-12-15-ocean-in-2016A Look Back at New Features, Updates, and Other Changes (And a Tip for How to Stay in the Loop for More Changes Coming in 2017)

As we approach the end of the year, we have so much to be thankful for here at CognisantMD. Looking back over 2016, it’s been a year of rapid and exciting changes for our organization, our product, and our customers. From new partnerships, contracts, and team members to literally hundreds of new features added to Ocean, it’s hard to keep up with it all.

In case you missed them, here are some of most significant things that happened in and around CognisantMD and the Ocean Platform in 2016 (just for funwe threw in a few teasers for things you can expect to see next year too).

Client Success Team Lead & Program Launched
The addition of Heather Thomson to the CognisantMD team brought a new focus on making sure our clients have access to the tools, training, and supports they need to make the most of the Ocean Platform, including the launch of a free, optional half-hour customized orientation and training program (currently booking sessions for the New Year in case you are interested).

Accuro Partnership Formalized with New Features 
We were thrilled to announce an official partnership with Accuro, and the addition of a number of features including automated form appointment reminders. Stay tuned in the new year for more announcements as we work together to improve the integration and features available with Ocean and Accuro (demographic updates are coming!).

Ocean Chosen as the eReferral Technology Platform for Waterloo-Wellington Region
In September, we were thrilled to finally announce that we are working closely with the System Coordinated Access (SCA) Program and the eHealth Centre of Excellence to implement Ocean eReferrals over the next year, along with our partners at Think Research and the Centre for Effective Practice. With this announcement, we’re helping to bring our vision of electronic referrals to the Waterloo-Wellington region and beyond.

TELUS Announces CognisantMD as the First of Two Partners to Officially Integrate
At the Ontario User Conference, we were honoured to be announced among the first organizations to join TELUS’s new partnership program. We look forward to bringing you more announcements in the coming year as we expand our integrations with other TELUS EMRs (MedAccess & Wolf) and bring additional features to our PSS integration (like automatically loading patients in the schedule in Ocean without manually adding the custom form!).

74 Software Updates with Over 400 Features In Just 52 Weeks
(Including 30 Ocean Server Releases, 26 Ocean Tablet Releases, and 18 EMR Integration Updates)

One of the things that makes the Ocean Platform so exciting to work with is the constant addition of new features, updates, and forms. In fact, there are new features released in Ocean virtually every week. If you’d like to stay on top of these changes and be among the first to know about cool new features (including new versions of the custom form for PSS), you can subscribe to receive release alerts (simply follow the instructions at the bottom of this article). In the meantime, here are a few of the highlights from last year’s updates:

  • Secure Messages: In addition to sending Ocean forms to patients via email links, clinicians can now add a secure, personalized message and even add attachments (great for lab requisitions) and allow a one-time patient reply. Patients can open secure messages on a computer, tablet, or a smartphone, keep the message for viewing at a later time, and easily open attachments in iOS.
  • Billing Administration: We’ve added a link at the bottom of invoice emails to link to a print-friendly version of the invoice, as well as the ability to set up “sub-sites” to enable multiple payers and invoices at a single site.
  • Kiosk Mode Healthcard Scanning & Other Improvements: Just released last week – you can now add a card swiper to allow patients to check-in on an Ocean Tablet using Kiosk Mode, and automatically display the patient as “checked in” (available for PSS and Accuro). Completion screen messages on tablet kiosk mode are also configurable, so you can tell the patient to go to reception or sit down (whatever is more appropriate for your workflow).
  • A New UI for the Ocean Portal: A Fall release unveiled the psuedo-secret UI rewrite that was in the works over the summer. Not only does the new UI look great, it’s also adaptive, which means that it will work better on devices of all shapes and sizes.
  • Tablet Reports: You can now export a list of “tablet use logs” in your site’s Admin->Reports tab. These logs include a series of helpful metrics and information, including duration and number of completed forms for each tablet session.
  • Ocean Online Secure Message Alerts: Web questionnaire and secure message receipt confirmations can now be sent to a physician’s clinical delegate (set in user preferences).
  • eReferral Feature Additions: Among the many new features for Ocean eReferrals this year is support for central intake, advanced wait time analytics and tighter EMR integration for eReferrals.
  • Ocean HealthMap eReferral Directory Improvements: We’ve added support for mobile searching on the Ocean HealthMap eReferral Directory (formerly Ocean Healthlinks), as well as the option to add “Favourites” to easily access eReferral targets.

Over 1000 New Forms Added
In addition to the 50+ forms added to the Ocean Core Library, the shared library grew by over 1000 forms this year alone, bringing our total number of available forms over 4000. From a new
New and Updated Adolescent Health Assessments to Benzodiazepine Management Questionnaires, Expanded Smoking Status forms, Eating Disorder Screening, and many, many more, the Ocean Library continues to expand and further secure its position as the largest open library of clinical and administrative forms available.

As we look ahead to 2017, we want to take a moment to thank the many people who have helped to make this year so amazing. With our clients and partners, we’ve been privileged and honoured to work with some of the brightest, most innovative leaders in healthcare in Canada to improve patient care through technology. We look forward to continuing – and expanding upon – that work in the year to come.

Wishing you all health and happiness over the holidays and for the New Year.

How to Subscribe to Email Alerts for Ocean Release Notes:

To subscribe, go to the Ocean Server Release Notes page on the Ocean Support Portal and click the “Follow” button (see screenshot below). You can also optionally subscribe to receive alerts for Ocean Tablet Release Notes and Ocean EMR Integration Notes (including PSS Custom Forms) in the same way.